A Simple Solution to Emergency Locksmith 

A Lenny Locksmith Hollywood FL was in business for over 11 years as a premier full service locksmith company. We have a+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our residential locksmith, A Lenny Locksmith, is available twenty-four hours a day and we make residential, car and business keys if you lose them. This includes smart cards, Fobs and even re-keying or changing locks.

In the city of Hollywood Florida our residential customer service technician is available twenty-four hours a day. They will assist you at your home or office to change or re-key any combination. We can also assist with deadbolts, indoor and outdoor locks and safes. With our equipment and knowledge our service will extend to home, business and vehicles.

Commercial customers of A Lenny Locksmith Hollywood FL can have the same benefits our residential customer has. Commercial locksmith services include service to change locks and key. They also have the tools needed to install any type of locks. Emergency locksmith services include services to service all types of commercial and residential locks as well.

Most emergencies that occur won’t go beyond a locksmith unlocking the door for you. But there are times when we need to be able to gain entry quickly without leaving the door or window open. With our emergency locksmith services you can have someone come and provide you with the access you need. They can provide locksmith services to re-key any deadbolt or access lock in minutes.

When an emergency strikes having the proper tools to solve the problem is very important. You can call on our company and they will come to your home or business and provide the tools to gain entry. They will show you how to provide us with access and walk you through the process until the lock is turned back. We will also provide locksmithing services to car and home keys lost, stolen or left behind by a guest. Many times the keys are left in plain sight or in a car ignition.

The benefits of having an emergency locksmith company are many. From having the door locked, to having a car ignition unlocked, to having a key left in a car door, our professional locksmiths will ensure you are secure. And most important we guarantee you are safe. This is why we recommend you call on emergency locksmith services when you need emergency service for locks or keys.

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